Case Managers act as a liaison between the client, the medical and rehabilitation professionals, insurers and legal team to identify what resources are required to facilitate our client’s highest level of recovery.


Our expertise in client care includes helping those who require treatment for:

Acquired Brain Injury
Spinal Cord Injury
Complex Physical Injuries
Psychological Disorders

Our comprehensive approach to case management means that we will continuously assess, implement, and review the delivery of medical and rehabilitation services.

We understand that each person's case is unique, requiring a unique set of solutions. But what remains consistent throughout, is our commitment to a provide client-centered services based on a solid ethical framework.

We have built a reputation for the management of complex cases, where there are multiple physical, cognitive, behavioral and psycho-social challenges. 

Our Case Managers consistently promote communication among all parties and are skilled at building team collaboration. We help our clients and their families navigate and understand the rehabilitation continuum, providing the supports needed to return to a meaningful way of life.



Contact: (905) 531-5739